Sports for Teenagers – Helpful Things You May Not Be Aware Of

The teenage years are turbulent times. They are not children anymore but they’re not adults yet. Caught in a time when they are trying to make sense of the rapid bodily changes that they are experiencing, teenagers are often vulnerable to outside influences yet at the same time resistant to parental advice. As boys try to grapple with changes in their physiques, they also strive to find their niche in the society to belong to. They strive to form lasting friendships as they seek to carve their individual identities under the critical eyes of parents, peers and teachers. Teenage girls, meanwhile, have to come to terms with the fact that their breasts are getting larger and that they have monthly periods. These body changes have made them more conscious of the way they move and act, especially around the opposite sex.

Getting teenagers involved in youth sports is one way of helping them cope with the turbulent changes that they are experiencing at this stage of development. By participating in youth sports such as basketball, swimming, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and even golf, teenagers are able to learn valuable lessons that positively affect the various aspects of their lives. One of the more important benefits of encouraging teenagers to participate in sports is that it equips him with patience and persistence– skills that they will find useful when they grow up. To perfect his or her skill in a sport requires constant hours of practice. This develops patience. When a teenager loses a game, he or she learns to practice some more, to persist in winning the game. Being involved in a team also fosters teamwork. The qualities of patience, persistence and teamwork are important values to develop when they grow up as adults. They will encounter many setbacks and knowing how to deal with these will inevitably spell the difference between future success and failure.

As the levels of obesity among the younger population are on the rise these days, letting teenagers participate in youth sports will definitely help keep their weight under control. It will teach them the importance of exercise and a healthy diet early in life. Research has shown that those who practice good lifestyle habits early in life have better chances of practicing healthy living as adults. Moreover, those who are involved in active sports while they’re young grow up healthier, stronger and more balanced physically and emotionally. With improved feelings about one’s body come high levels of self-confidence that most teenagers lack. It also prevents them from succumbing to depression due to negative feelings about themselves. When teenagers feel sure and confident about themselves, they are also better equipped to deal with peer pressure that might lead them to smoking, drinking and sex. Practice hours keep them busy and occupied. Any stress they have about any situation is practically burned at play. They don’t look for unhealthy ways of coping because the sport itself is demanding enough to keep them occupied even as the element of fun and the spirit of friendly competition keeps them engaged. When teenagers get into youth sports, the ultimate result is in a well-rounded, more confident and mature personality.