The Facts on Teenage Pregnancy

Research conducted in the year 2007 by the Centers for Disease Control concluded that there is a three percent increase in teen pregnancies from 2005. It is also a known fact that very few of these teen mothers had planned on becoming parents. In the United States alone, close to a million teens get pregnant. These rates are much higher than those found in any other first world country. In relation to Japan and Netherlands, this is eight times high and two times higher than Canada or England.

What are the facts concerning teen pregnancy? The western culture elevates sex and forgets about the consequences and responsibilities that come with it. Sex is plastered in almost all TV commercials, from toothpaste to shoes, clothes, food, you name it. From an early age, children are used to hearing information with sexual connotations and therefore teen sex, which leads to teen pregnancy, is expected.

There are other predisposing factors that would lead to teen pregnancy. For instance, if a girl comes from a poor family, she may lack the proper kind of schooling which would help her long for a bright future and therefore she has nothing to look forward to and being pregnant is not such a big deal. Poverty will also deny her access to birth control methods. Another reason is poor grades and performance in school. Frustration in class will in some cases make a teen look for comfort in the wrong ways. If a girl was raised in a single mother’s or father’s house and other like issues will probably make a girl to be at a risk of early pregnancy.

Despite all this, it is a fact that a majority of our teens will start engaging in sex during these years. This will lead to early fatherhood or motherhood. When dealing with teenagers, we need to direct our efforts at educating them on the importance of abstaining from sex till when they are psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially ready to handle the consequences. Besides that, those who have already engaged in sex should know about preventing pregnancy, for those who are already pregnant, they will need to be informed on how to become responsible parents as well as how to prevent more pregnancies. Another very important thing to note is that teen pregnancies are not just a problem for the girls. Boys too, who share the same responsibility, should know the importance of abstaining, preventing pregnancy and taking up the responsibility of a father.